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Altair Instruments, Inc. is the Leader in Microdermabrasion Innovation and Quality

The US Patent office and the global safety testing and certification company Nemko agrees. We are proud to list our quality manufacturing certifications, patents and validations.

  • CSA Approved
  • ISO 9001-2015 Quality Management System
  • FDA Registered No.: 2024148
ASCP Skin Deep Readers Choice Awards 2018 to 2022 glass trophies

Award-Winning, Industry Leading

Altair is honored to be awarded for excellence on a continuous basis. Our devices are consistently awarded as best in class, most recently placing as the winning 2022 Microdermabrasion Device from ASCP Skin Deep Readers' Choice Awards.  

We have been granted the following global patents:

United StatesPatent # 8,221,437

Issue Date: 7/17/12

United StatesPatent # 6,241,739

Issue date: 6/5/2001

United StatesPatent # RE42,960

Issue Date: 12/31/2002

JapanPatent # 3416128

Issue Date: 4/4/2003

ChinaPatent # ZL00815456.2

Issue Date; 10/2004

New ZealandPatent # 517678

Issue Date: 12/19/2002

AustraliaPatent # 765009

Issue Date: 12/18/2003

SingaporePatent # 88304

Issue Date: 10/4/2002

KoreaPatent # 457474

Issue Date: 11/2004

EuropePatent # 1227764

Issue Date: 12/11/2000

CanadaPatent # 2,359,559

Issue Date: 5/3/2005

GermanyPatent # P60018963.5


Hong KongPatent # 1045635B

Issue date: 10/2005

MexicoPatent # 246867


BrazilPatent # PI0015494-6


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Women with Products - Patents, Certificates. and Validations


  • NAMSA Cleaning efficacy of DiamondTome Wands,
    Lab No.: 00C22452 00
  • NAMSA Steam Sterilization efficacy of DiamondTome Wands,
    Lab No.: 00C22451 00
  • Micormed Lab. Cleaning efficacy of Hydro Wands,
    Lab No.: TR2010-555
  • Micromed Lab. Disinfecting efficacy of Hydro Wands,
    Lab No.: TR2010-556

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