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Prevent Your Clients’ Hands From Revealing Their Age

The face may get all of the anti-aging attention, but seasoned beauty professionals know the hands are just as important. Clients often neglect them for years with no targeted preventative regimens, causing them to wrinkle and blemish. Before they know it, wrinkles, age spots, and crepey skin add years to their appearance – sometimes way before signs of aging have begun to emerge on their faces. 

Rejuvenation Does Not Stop At The Face

You can help your clients achieve soft, smooth hands and lighten sunspots with microdermabrasion of the hands using one of Altair’s many advanced microdermabrasion systems. Not only will their hands look more aesthetically pleasing, but their faces and hands will also match - no longer does a client’s hands need to look a decade older than their face. Altair devices are specially designed to work well with all contours of the body, ensuring your clients' complete comfort.

Save Your Clients Time And Money

Many hoping to rejuvenate their hands turn to surgical procedures like fat grafting and liposuction, which can be expensive and require a long recovery time. However, microdermabrasion of the hands is a gentle and much more affordable solution that can delay surgical intervention, and if done regularly, prevent it altogether. Your clients will love their results and become repeat patrons, multiplying your investment. 

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How Can Microdermabrasion Rejuvenate Hands?

When using Altair’s DiamondTome wand, you can remove the top layer of damaged skin from the client’s hands, reducing the appearance of brown spots, wrinkles, and freckles. The DiamondTome wand can also soften the skin. Microdermabrasion spurs the skin into creating more collagen and elastin cells, which will help make your client’s hands look fuller and younger. 

Results That Follow Your Clients Home

Not only will clients experience great results immediately after treatment with an Altair Microdermabrasion system, but our DiamondTome wands also exfoliate the hands, making it easier for at-home moisturizers to penetrate and hydrate the skin. When coupled with the increased collagen and elastin production microdermabrasion causes, the appearance of your clients' hands will only continue to improve.

Exfoliating the Hands with DiamondTome

Exfoliating the Hands with DiamondTome

The Altair Difference

Altair designs each product with both the practitioner and the client in mind. Our DiamondTome wands only use real diamonds, not synthetic diamonds like our competitors. Our Hydro Wands can be paired with our advanced serums, or any specialized serums created by the practitioner, allowing true customization for each client.

Our microdermabrasion systems are built to last, and are much more affordable than our competitors. We make eco-friendly systems that can be easily cleaned, sterilized, and reused, eliminating the tough cleanup and plastic waste that comes with crystal-based microdermabrasion systems that rely on disposables. When you invest in our DiamondTome, Hydro Wand, or DT2 Skin Resurfacing System, you can count on consistently great results. 

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Find The System For You

We offer a range of specially designed systems that cater to a variety of skin needs. Our original NewAppeal Microdermabrasion system is still industry standard, and we have added many other state-of-the-art offerings since then that combine both expert exfoliation and deep skin hydration. Your clients can always expect a rejuvenated appearance after treatment with Altair microdermabrasion systems. Explore our products to find the best fit for your practice.

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