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What Causes Hyperpigmentation in Clients?

Hyperpigmentation occurs when a client’s body produces too much melanin in certain areas, resulting in dark or red spots on the skin. This often occurs on areas of the body that are frequently exposed to the sun, such as the face, neck, and hands. Diamond microdermabrasion is a very effective way to treat hyperpigmentation, and can lighten the troublesome spots in just a few treatments.

Why Is Diamond Microdermabrasion Better?

Crystal microdermabrasion of the past was an effective but uncomfortable experience for both client and practitioner. The painful abrasive exfoliation often required the client to take a few days off to recover, and cleaning up crystal particles from both the patient’s skin and the microdermabrasion system was difficult for the aesthetician. 

With the advent of diamond-based microdermabrasion, exfoliation became much gentler without sacrificing results. Patients required no downtime, and could continue with their busy days right after treatment. Clean-up became a breeze, freeing up practitioners to see more clients. Added to all this is that Altair’s versatile system could be used on almost the whole body.

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Your Clients Will Love Their Results

Diamond microdermabrasion will drastically improve the appearance of red or dark spots caused by hyperpigmentation in your client’s face, chest, hands, back, and feet. Like most skin repair and rejuvenating treatments, multiple sessions will be necessary for your client to achieve desired results.

Clients will notice results right away, which will continue to improve over the months following treatment thanks to the ramped up production of collagen and elastin caused by the microdermabrasion. Your clients will love the progress they see and eagerly come back for more.

Altair’s Unmatched Versatility

As any experienced beauty professional knows, each client requires a custom approach for the best results. Altair designed the DiamondTome Wand and the Hydro Wand to be versatile expressly so practitioners could adapt microdermabrasion treatment to meet each client’s needs. Our DiamondTome wand comes in a variety of shapes, designed to comfortably exfoliate almost any part of the client’s body.

This means erasing hyperpigmentation can happen on the neck, hands, and chest, among other areas. Our Hydrowand works perfectly with both our advanced HydroSerum line as well as any serum of the practitioner’s choosing. Both these powerful tools are now available in one system called the DT2 Skin Resurfacing System, which allows for unmatched exfoliation and thorough infusion of skin treatment serums.

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Quality You And Your Clients Can Trust

Altair products are built to deliver stellar results for years and years. Our microdermabrasion systems are the most popular among discerning professionals for a reason. Priced thousands below our competitors, all our models are hand portable and easy to clean, sanitize, and reuse, making them convenient, cost-effective for beauty practitioners, and eco-friendly. 

Altair’s DiamondTome Wands are infused with real diamonds, not synthetic dupes like our rivals use. Our systems are highly versatile, and we keep repair costs lower than industry average to ensure that practitioners can keep their systems in top form without hurting their bank accounts. At Altair, we are proud to build the highest quality microdermabrasion on the market. Explore our products to find the microdermabrasion system that best suits you.

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