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Give Your Clients A Skin Reset

Congested skin, or clogged pores, lead to blackheads, whiteheads and acne, and the dreaded ‘bacne’. Pores are clogged most often by excess oil and sebum production, dead skin cells, makeup, toxins, and pollution. One of the best ways to remedy a client’s skin congestion is with gentle and consistent diamond-based exfoliation and infusion of specialized healing skin serums. 

Why Is Diamond Microdermabrasion The Right Choice?

Crystal microdermabrasion of the past was a harsh treatment that caused client discomfort and required them to take time off of their busy lives to recover. Cleaning the skin and the microdermabrasion system of remnants of crystals was difficult and time-consuming. 

When Altair introduced the NewApeel microdermabrasion system, all of that changed for the better. Diamond-based exfoliation with the DiamondTome Wand was much gentler on the client’s skin, and eliminated any need for a recovery period. Cleanup became simple and quick, allowing practitioners to increase the number of clients they could see. Soon, NewAppeal became the industry standard for microdermabrasion. 

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Client Results Speak For Themselves

For decades, Altair’s NewAppeel has given clients smoother skin, reduced their acne breakouts, and erased their unsightly scars. Altair continues to add new products, and recently introduced the DT2 Skin Resurfacing System which combined the powerful DiamondTome Wand with the equally revolutionary HydroWand, one of the most versatile on the market. For the first time, high-level exfoliation and deep infusion became two treatments that could be done as one.

Adapt To Each Client

Altair’s products were designed to be versatile because, as beauty professionals know, there is no one way to treat every client’s skin issues. A personalized approach is necessary for success, especially for discerning clients. Altair’s DiamondTome Wand is bonded with real diamonds, and comes in a variety of shapes that make comfortable exfoliation of almost the entire body possible - including the back.

Our Hydro Wand is able to infuse the skin with healing serums both from our advanced HydroSerum line, and with any serum of the practitioner’s choosing. Every part of the experience with an Altair microdermabrasion system is able to be tailored, allowing you to surpass client expectations every time.

High Quality and Cost Effective

The NewApeel, DT2 Skin Resurfacing System, and every product made by Altair are built to last. Our commitment to quality has made us the gold standard for microdermabrasion systems across the globe. All our microdermabrasion systems are fully portable by hand and easy to clean, sterilize, and reuse. We are committed to being eco-friendly and budget-friendly, saving practitioners the time and expense of replacing disposable parts.

Service and maintenance fees are kept low to ensure that professionals can keep our systems in peak condition for years without impacting the bottom line. What’s more, our products are consistently more affordable than our competitors, many of which are knockoffs of our design. An Altair microdermabrasion system is the best investment you can make; check out our products to find one that is right for you.

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