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Revive Dull, Lifeless Skin

The telltale signs of aging can appear on the face as fine lines and wrinkles, dark spots, enlarged pores, or chronically dry and patchy skin. As seasoned beauty professionals know, microdermabrasion is a fantastic way to remove dead and damaged skin cells from the surface of the face, leaving behind healthy, youthful, unblemished skin. When an experienced practitioner uses a diamond-infused Altair microdermabrasion system, clients can receive a facial transformation.

Why Is Diamond Microdermabrasion Better?

Before Altair debuted its line of diamond-tipped exfoliation systems, crystal-based systems dominated the market. These systems were quite abrasive on the sensitive facial skin and would require a few days of recovery for the client. They were also quite messy, and created headaches for the practitioners who often had to spend extra time removing all the crystal particles from their clients' faces and their machines.

Altair’s NewApeel microdermabrasion system with its DiamondTome wand, an exfoliating wand bonded with real diamonds, changed all that. Now facial microdermabrasion was a gentle process that could be done without any disruption to the client’s day. Practitioners found that cleaning, sterilizing, and reusing NewApeel was a breeze, allowing them to see more patients and save money otherwise spent replacing disposable parts.

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Your Clients Will Return Again and Again

With repeat treatments, clients will see their fine lines, wrinkles, sunspots, and other imperfections gradually lighten, helping them look years younger. Plus, the increased collagen and elastin production means your clients' faces not only look great immediately after treatment, but will continue to look healthy and vibrant in the following months.

When used with our Hydro Wand, you can either use one of our advanced skin rejuvenation serums, or create your own unique formula, giving your clients a truly customized experience. The combination of gentle, thorough exfoliation and deep hydration benefits all skin types, and will leave your clients with glowing, soft, smooth skin.

The Best Microdermabrasion System Available

Altair revolutionized the microdermabrasion world, shifting it away from messy, abrasive crystal exfoliation that was limited to the face, to full body exfoliation that is much gentler and safer. The first Altair diamond microdermabrasion system to be introduced was the NewApeel system, which is still one of the most popular exfoliation devices on the market today. Since NewAppeal, Altair has introduced a Hydro Wand, that deeply infuses exfoliated skin with skincare serums, either those of Altair’s HydroSerum line or any serum the practitioner chooses.  

Our DT2 Skin Resurfacing System provides a two-in-one exfoliation hydration combo that is unmatched. Our DiamondTome exfoliation wands are made with real diamonds, and come in a variety of shapes and sizes to comfortably provide your clients with full body exfoliation. Altair offers all of this at a price point that is often thousands of dollars less than our competitors.

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The Choice Is Simple

Altair microdermabrasion systems are handheld, and easy to customize exactly to your patient’s needs. They are eco-friendly and do not require constant purchasing of replacement disposable parts. Though designed to last, we understand that all systems need maintenance now and then, and our repair fees are much lower than industry norms. We are the best investment you can make for your practice and clients. Explore our products to find the right microdermabrasion system for you.

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