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Even, Beautiful Skin All Over The Body

If a client’s elbows and knees are darker than the rest of their body, it’s likely due to a buildup of thick, dead skin. Genetics plays a role, but clients can exacerbate the problem by applying continuous pressure to these areas, for example, by leaning on their elbows and kneeling for long periods of time.

Dealing with darkened knees and elbows is difficult, but not impossible. Crystal-free microdermabrasion treatments like those that Altair offers can exfoliate, lighten and smooth the dark and rough skin of the elbows and knees for a noticeable improvement.

How Can Microdermabrasion Soften Elbows And Knees?

Our DiamondTome wands are infused with real diamonds, which gently but effectively exfoliate the skin of the elbows and knees, removing rough and discolored skin. Altair has a variety of DiamondTone wands that are each shaped to cater to a particular part of the body, allowing you to select which wand is best suited for your client's body. 

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Cumulative Results, Happy Clients

Your clients’ elbows and knees will be softer and more evenly toned after just the first session, though likely multiple sessions will be required to achieve desired results. As seasoned professionals know, microdermabrasion causes the skin to produce more elastin and collagen, which means your clients will continue to see the benefits of treatment in the months after treatment. 

Plus, once you remove the accumulation of built-up rough skin, clients will be able to see the difference in their at-home moisturizing routine as their skin will absorb lotions and creams better.

Exfoliation of the Elbows with DiamondTome

Exfoliation of the Elbows with DiamondTome

The Altair Edge

Altair’s diamond-tipped microdermabrasion system NewApeel was the first effective alternative to abrasive and messy crystal-based microdermabrasion. Since then, Altair microdermabrasion products like the NewApeel Petite and the DT2 Skin Resurfacing System, which combines powerful exfoliation with deep hydration, have been the top choice of discerning beauty professionals worldwide.

Our eco-friendly microdermabrasion systems can be easily cleaned and reused, eliminating plastic waste that many of our competitor systems are known for. Our systems are built to last, and if you do require a repair, our fees are kept lower than industry standard. The best part of Altair microdermabrasion systems, aside from their consistently stellar results, is that they are the most affordable systems of their class - ensuring you a great return on your investment.

Customizable Systems For Every Professional

Elbows and knees are not the only part of the body that Altair’s microdermabrasion systems smoothen and brighten; we were the first to introduce a full-body exfoliation system that could comfortably treat almost any area of the body, curves and bony areas included. 

Our patented Hydro Wand also outpaced the competition by being one of the first fully customizable hydration wands available; though Altair has a line of excellent skin care serums, we understand that seasoned practitioners often customize skin serums for their patients. Our Hydro Wand can be used with any serum the practitioner chooses. Explore our product pages to find the Altair solutions best for you and your clients’ needs.

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