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Easy On The Environment And Budget

Altair designed its microdermabrasion systems to be reusable, without the need for single use disposable attachments that are common with our competitors. Not only is reuse environmentally responsible, but it is cheaper for beauty professionals as well. Practitioners don’t have to spend time and money replacing disposable parts, instead reinvesting those resources into their clients. 

Easy To Clean And Disinfect

The DiamondTome Wand and the Hydro Wand are reusable devices. Since they come into contact with the skin, thorough disinfecting is a must. Immediately after each use, the wand should be cleaned by soaking in enzymatic detergent for 15 minutes. 

The wand should then be washed in hot, running water and the abrasive surface should be gently scrubbed with a brush to remove the protein material. The wand should then be placed in a disinfecting solution; since each solution differs, practitioners should read the label on the solution for the appropriate soak time.

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When Should I Replace my DiamondTome HEPA Filter?

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Care and Cleaning the DiamondTome Wand

Follow Label Instructions

Caution: Carefully follow the labeling instructions of the disinfectant. Dilution and the soak times are important; the common soak time is 10 minutes. Soaking beyond the recommended time of 10 minutes will corrode the wands and the diamond surface will be damaged.

Steam Sterilization

The DiamondTome Wand and the Hydro Wand can withstand steam sterilization. Steam sterilization should always be used if the surface of the skin is penetrated. If the practitioner sterilizes the wands with steam, a disinfectant soak is not necessary.

Gravity Displacement Steam Sterilization

If the wand is sterilized in an unwrapped tray the “flash” cycle may be used. The flash cycle is sterilization lasting five minutes at a minimum temperature of 132°C (270°F) in a steam autoclave.

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